Mayor’s Message

Message from the Mayor

Hall Beach is one of the few communities left in the north that offers traditional ways of living.
You will see from the photos on the website that we have many wonderful things to offer residents and visitors from our community. We have extraordinary wildlife that we rely on to sustain our traditional way of living. We rely on our hunting and fishing skills to share country food, and skins to make clothing with our families, each other and our elders. My personal favorite things to do are polar bear, walrus, seal, caribou, and whale hunting.
We are proud of our community and the municipal services we provide. On behalf of council, our elders, staff and residents of Hall Beach I want to formally invite you to visit our web page to keep informed of what we have to offer and also to invite you to visit our community for a little hunting and fishing in a way you probably have not experienced before.

Peter Siakuluk